Try Out the Alpha Build of DBB Yourself!

Like the look of Death Boulder Bones? Excited about what you’ve heard so far? Interested in backing our ongoing Kickstarter campaign but feel like you need more information?

We here at Grandendroit are pretty excited about DBB. We think it’s a fun little game with a lot of potential that will appeal to a lot of people. But we have a problem: no amount of screen shots or video can really describe the game, you have to actually play it to appreciate it.

So here’s your chance! For a limited time only you can try out Death Boulder Bones for Windows, OS X, and Linux!! Now, this is an alpha build, so expect a few bugs, a lot of early placeholder art, and plenty of missing features and story. With that warning out of the way: have fun! It’s a unique game with a never-before-seen control scheme that is really a joy to play. Your early feedback and investment in our Kickstarter will help this game be a success. Thank you!


Windows   (19.9 MB)

Mac OS X    (21.2 MB)

Linux    (21.2 MB)


If you have feedback about the game, or run into a bug and can describe how it happened, feel free to email

And if you had fun, please consider investing just $9 in our Kickstarter, and spreading the word to all your friends!

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